SJAG Constitution


  • Preamble

Whereas The Sports Journalists' Association of The Gambia (SJAG) is the umbrella body responsible for all Sports Writers in the country. Now, therefore, the SJAG adopts this constitution to regulate its activities in accordance with Ethics of Sports Journalism.

Article 1

  • 1. Mission and Vision.

The fundamental mission. and vision of the Sports Journalists' Association shall be to enhance and develop Sports Journalism in The Gambia to the highest level possible. The association shall cooperate and work with all Sporting Associations and other stakeholders in The Gambia to attaining this goal. 

Article 2

  • 2. Name

The name of the association shall be: Sports Journalists' Association of The Gambia, and shall be referred to as (SJAG) in acronym. 

  1. Article 3
  2. 3. Aims and Objectives

  3. The ultimate aim and objectives of SJAG shall be to develop sports journalism in The Gambia to the highest standard attainable.
  4. To develop the professional standard of its members;
  5. Provide training and other facilities to its members for proper and perfect practice.
  6. To collaborate with other stakeholders in its effort to better the profession.
  7. To be a truly professional body, non-partisan and sectionalist in all its activities and deliberations.
  8. To liaise ( through affiliation) with other journalism bodies in and out of The Gambia that may be in the interest of the association and its members.
  9. Protect the dignity and prestige of the association to the fullest.
  10. Strive to uphold and maintain a conducive working environment for members to operate freely and responsibly.
  11. SJAG shall not associate itself with any act that seeks to jeopardise the development of sports in The Gambia.
  12. Members of the SJAG shall, with their professional role to disseminate fair, objective and constructive information, seek to raise the interest of the public in sports.
  13. Organise an annual sports awards to outstanding sportspersons and athletes. 

Article 4

  2. 4. Membership

  3. Membership of the SJAG is solely open to practising sports journalists in The Gambia. Gambians living outside The Gambia who hold membership cards of the association and wish to continue their membership to the association shall be accorded an affiliate membership status.
  4. All members of the SJAG must be affiliated or belong to at least one media organisation, either as a freelance or full-time staff member, with a proven record of previous work in any media as a sports journalist or photographer.
  5. Applicants shall be required to obtain a letter of recommendation from the head of his/her media establishment for an application of membership to be considered.
  6. Each member must pay a subscription fee of D500 ( five hundred Dalasis) to register and by completing a registration form. Members shall pay a monthly contribution fee, the amount of which will be determined by the Executive Committee.
  7. A person refused membership by the Executive Committee shall have the right to appeal to the General Body. A general meeting shall be convened within fourteen days and if two-thirds of the voting members of the association accept such person (s) to be admitted for membership to the association, he or she shall automatically be deemed to be a bonafide member of the Association. 
  8. Other persons shall be accorded the status of honorary membership of the Association. The number of which shall not at any time exceed five (5). They must, however, be of outstanding stature in the field of sports journalism or media work, Their role in the association shall be limited to that of advisers only. 
  9. Foreign journalists based in The Gambia shall be affiliated members and would not in any case hold position in the executive committee.

Article 5

  • 5. Cessation of Membership.

Membership of SJAG shall cease;

  • Upon the registration or the demise of a member;
  • Upon expulsion by the General Body following a hearing given to the person (s) concerned for the following reasons:
  • Failure to pay membership monthly contribution within a grace period of 6 months, membership will cease.
  • Violation of any part or section of this constitution and laws or regulations of SJAG, after having been found guilty by a committee selected by the General Body to investigate the allegation(s).
  • Any other reasons that the Executive Committee may deem necessary. This, however, shall be referred to the General Body for investigation and /or resolution. The decision of the committee shall be final.
  • Any member who is expelled or withdraws voluntarily from the association shall forfeit all contributions made to the association and all other entitlements, benefits and/or privileges guaranteed by SJAG. 

Article 6

  • 6. Organs of SJAG.

SJAG shall compose of the following bodies;

  1. The General Body
  2. The Executive Committee 

Article 7

  2. 7. The General Body.

The General Body herein refers to the entire membership of SJAG. it shall be the highest decision making within the Association. 

Article 8

  2. 8. Composition and Functions of the General Body.

  3. The General Body shall comprise of all the members of the association referred to in Article 4.
  4. The General Body shall be the only organ vested with the powers to remove and/or terminate the membership, functions or duties of any member of the association.
  5. They shall have the exclusive power to recall or remove any member of the Executive Committee or their staff for impropriety and /or misconduct of their functions of the office.
  6. The General Body shall meet once a year (Annual General Meeting) to receive reports (annually) from the members of the Executive Committee including its budget and plans of action for the following year.
  7. The General Body shall convene an extraordinary session at the request of 2/3( two-thirds) of the members in a signed petition outlining the purpose(s) of the meeting and forwarded to the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General shall write to all the members within 30 (thirty) days of receiving the order and 14 (fourteen) days prior to the day set for the session indicating the date, time and place for the holding of the session.   
  8. They also meet in emergency sessions at the request of the executive committee for the attention of issues requiring their special attention.
  9. Hold special sessions (congress) every 4 (Four) years to elect members of the executive committee.
  10. They approve or disapprove of the appointment of any member of staff of the association's secretariat including the administrative Secretary.

Article 9

  2. 9. The Executive Committee.

There shall be an Executive committee of the association who shall be the authorised officers mandated to act on behalf of and/or in the name of SJAG.

They are hereby granted the authority to collectively and jointly manage the affairs of the association for the common good of the members.

The Executive Committee shall serve for a period of four years (full-term) starting from the date that they were voted into office.

Their term of office shall expire on the day elections (congress) for the various positions of the Executive Committee are to be held.

All other members of the Executive Committee who may become members of the Executive Committee as a result of a vacancy ( acting basis) in the Executive committee, shall also vacate office at the end of the three-year term of the Executive Committee at the time of his/her assumption of office.

The Executive Committee shall appoint an Administrative Secretary who shall be vested with the responsibility of administering the association's secretariat, and other staff (s) to assist in its work. The appointee (s) shall however not be a member (s) of the association.

The Executive Shall comprise of the following officers:

  • The President
  • The Vice-President
  • The General Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Deputy Treasurer

Four persons from amongst the members of the association shall be nominated by the General Body to serve in the Executive Committee as Co-opted members.

  • In the event of a vacancy (s) within the Executive Committee for any reason whatsoever, the Executive Committee shall appoint from amongst the members of the association to fill the post (s) in an acting capacity. The decision must, however, be communicated to the members. The action shall also be submitted for approval by the General Body in its subsequent Annual General meeting. Should they ( General Body) decide otherwise, an election shall be conducted to fill the post (s).

Article 10

  • 10. Functions and Duties of The Executive Committee.

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10.1 The President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the association.

He or she shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee

In consultation with the Secretary General he/she prepares the agenda for all meetings of the Executive Committee.

He/she shall serve in this capacity ( President0 for 2 (two) consecutive terms only. He/she shall not be eligible for re-election for the same post ( President) in a subsequent election but shall be eligible for re-election to the post ( President) after a full 4 (four) year term absence from the post (President). He/she shall be one of the Bank Signatories.

10.2 The Vice-Presidents

The Vice Presidents shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. He/she assumes other duties assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.

10.3 The Secretary-General

The Secretary-General shall head the association's secretariat.

He/she shall be the chief scribe of the association.

The General Secretary handles all correspondence and communications in the name and on behalf of the association.

He/she shall be the depository of the association's letterhead, literature and other stationery, and also other official materials. They ( the materials) shall be housed in the association's secretariat.

He/she take minutes of all meetings of the Executive committee.

As head of the association's secretariat, he/she shall be responsible for the day to day running of the institution. He/she may delegate some of his/her duties to the Administrative Secretary and his/her staff.

She/he shall be one of the Bank account Signitories.

10.4 Deputy General Secretary

He/she shall perform the function of the General Secretary in his/her absence. She shall assume other responsibilities assigned to him//her by the General Secretary of the Executive Committee.

10.5 The Treasurer

The treasurer shall be the chief banker of the association.

He/she shall be tasked with the responsibility of managing the finances of the association.

He/she shall be responsible for the execution of all financial and monetary transactions on behalf of and for the association.

He/she receive all monies and fees (monetary) due to the association.

The treasurer shall maintain and keep proper and accurate books (records) of accounts of the Association. They ( records) shall include all incomes and expenditures.

He/she prepare and present to the General Body during annual general meetings a report on the financial status of the association and a balance sheet for the period under review.

He/she on behalf of the Executive committee shall lay before the General Body a financial budget for the following year for approval. The General Body shall when they seem it prudent alter any part of the budget before approving it.

The Treasurer shall keep a working impress of not more than D1000 (One thousand Dalasi) at a given time.

She or he shall be the first Bank Signatory.

10.6 The Deputy Treasurer

He/she performs the functions of the Treasurer in his/her absence.

He/she assume other responsibilities assigned to him/her by the Treasurer or the Executive Committee.

10.7 The Auditor

SJAG will appoint external Auditors for our Accounts to meet modern management standards. Thus, the position and functions of the Auditor in the old constitution are removed.

10.8 The Co-opted Members

Four persons from amongst the members of the association shall be nominated by the General Body to serve in the Executive Committee as Co-opted members.

They shall assume duties and functions that the committee may assign them.

They shall have voting rights as any other member of the Executive Committee.

Article 11

  • 11. Sports Commissions.

Based on requirements from the World governing body - AIPS - the executive committee shall appoint commission members from the general body to serve as direct links between the Association and the sporting Associations registered in the country.

Article 12

  2. 10. Finance and management.

  3. The Association shall derive its funds and resources from membership dues and subscriptions and other means as and when approved by the General Body.
  4. All monies and assets (monetary) belonging to the association shall be kept in a reputable banking institution in The Gambia.
  5. All financial expenditures exceeding D5000 (Five thousand Dalasi) shall be referred to the Finance Committee ( to be set up by the executive) for approval in a meeting enlisting the support of all the members of the committee. The General Secretary on behalf of the Finance Committee shall provide a clearance ( signed) for all expenditures approved by the Committee and forward it to the Treasurer for onward execution. 
  6. All expenditures exceeding D10,000 ( Ten thousand Dalasi) shall be referred to the General Body for approval or otherwise. They shall provide a signed notice to the treasurer indicating their decision authorising the expenditure or otherwise. 
  7. All matters concerning expenditures shall be clearly spelt out in writing (demand note) indicating the material (s) needed, cost, purpose and any other related issues therewith as may be decided and/or required by the Treasurer and forwarded to the Treasurer. A duly signed clearance by the Treasurer shall be recorded as proof of approval by the General Body for all expenditures.
  8. Expenditures requiring the approval of the Executive Body and the Finance Committee shall be carried out expeditiously to avoid any unnecessary delay in effecting the purchase (s) expenditure (s) required.
  9. Mismanagement and /or misappropriation of the association's fund/finances and/or resources shall in no situation be tolerated. Anybody found culpable, will be handed to the Police for prosecution.
  10. A finance committee shall be constituted within one month after the coming into force of this constitution to coordinate all finance and/or money related issues (expenditures). The committee shall be headed 9chair) by the Treasurer and will include the Vice President, the Secretary-General, the Co-opted members and one ordinary member (from the General Body) of the Association. 
  11. Article 13

    2. 13. Quorum.

  12. A quorum for all Executive Committee meetings shall be by a simple majority of its members at all times.
  13. Annual General Meetings of the General Body shall require fifty per cent of all the members of the association for a quorum.
  14. Attendance of more than half of the membership of the association shall be required for a quorum during Congress.   

Article 14

  2. 14. Procedures and Voting.

  3. An attendance register of all members attending Executive Committee meetings shall be maintained and a roll call is made by the General Secretary before the start of all meetings to determine on whether a quorum had been met before any other business could be started. 
  4. Voting on all decisions by the Executive Committee shall be by simply raising of hands. A simple majority of the votes in favour of any issue being debated by the Executive Committee shall be deemed to have been taken. 
  5. An attendance register shall be kept by the Administrative Secretary in all Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary sessions and Emergency sessions of the General Body. He/she shall serve and take note of all minutes and proceedings of the sessions.
  6. All voting for purpose of reaching a decision during Annual General Meetings, Emergency and Extraordinary sessions by the General Body shall be through a secret ballot.
  7. Each delegate or voter voting for the purpose of reaching a decision in all organs or branches of the association shall be accorded one vote each.  
  8. The President shall be accorded a tie-breaking vote in the event of a tie in all meetings of the Executive Committee, Annual General Meeting, and Extraordinary and Emergency sessions of the General Body. 
  9. Candidates for election for the purpose of serving in the Executive Committee of the association shall be nominated from amongst the members of the association.
  10. Each media house in The Gambia, with a sports department, is allocated one vote at elective congresses, at which they could be represented by at least three decades. Each media house would be represented at congress by 3 delegates who just be up to date with their subscription payment. 
  11. No member is eligible to vote or be voted in Absentia, 

Article 15

  2. 15. Amendment.


A member or group of members shall propose amendments to the constitution in writing. The amendment proposal should reach the Secretary-General sixty (60) days before a session of the general assembly. The secretary-general shall circulate the amendment letter (s) thirty (30) days before the general assembly session.


Should any development not provided for in this constitution arise, the president and or the executive shall act or take decisions in the best interest of the association.


Members shall have equal access to benefits that come therein for the association. This shall, however, be based on participation, attendance to functions and activities of the association, monthly contribution and contribution of stories to the website.

Article 16

  2. 16. Specialised Sports Associations.

All specialised Sports Journalists Movements in the country shall operate as a committee under SJAG and shall report to the SJAG.

Article 17

  2. 17. Dissolution.

The Association shall be dissolved when a memorandum calling for its dissolution and sign-ed by 2/3 majority of the members of the association is submitted to the General Secretary of the association. This, however, will require an individual and independent confirmation (written) by each member of the Association and submitted to the General Secretary.

All financial, monetary and liquid assets shall be divided amongst the members of the association as they may agree. All other immovable. and fixed assets shall be forfeited to the state.

Amended and approved by the General assembly meeting held on May 24th, 2014 at  The Gambia Press Union in Fajara.